EVENTS: Artistry meets Activism- ‘The Remembrance Project’

Photo Credit: Michael Castro

Rajendra Maharaj/Photo Credit: Michael Castro

Many of us who are artists are inspired to be artists because…well…it’s what we love. Part of what we love about what we do is the positive effect it can have on people, and the change it can inspire. Red Shirt Entertainment  and Rajendra Maharaj (the artistic producing director ) have taken this to the next level. Rajendra explains, “We all believe that art has a purpose, not just to entertain, but to educate and make social change.” How is Red Shirt Entertainment doing is? The Remembrance Project.

The Remembrance Project
The Remembrance Project features three installments. Red Shirt’s first installment that took place in January, was a sold-out success. The inspiration for the Project stemmed from the year 2013 marking the 80th Anniversary of the Jewish Holocaust (Click here for the video). The first event focused on the Holocaust, the second was on Rwanda, and the third will be Darfur.

Red Shirt Entertainment invited members from the Mission of Rwanda from the United Nations to attend the Rwanda dedication. They arranged for an honorary guest speaker, a Rwanda genocide survivor, to share her story with the audience. The Mission was so impressed, that they have actually invited the team to perform in Rwanda next year, for the 20th anniversary of the genocide.

Interested in learning more about the Remembrance Project? Check out the interview below with Rajendra conducted by Broadway actress, and Arts in Color guest contributor, Halle Morse.

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Keep reading for more information on the company and all event details. Hope to see you there!


Company Background

Red Shirt Entertainment is a theater production company based in New York City, that focuses on discovering new voices in the industry and performing plays that touch upon culture and human interest. All events are performed by actors of diverse cultural backgrounds to emphasize the impact that these events in history have on all walks of life.

                                                                  Event info:

The Remembrance Project, Darfur

Three Jewels, 61 4th Ave

May 20th, 7-9pm

Tickets can be purchased here.


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