Letter from the Editor, August 2013

Myself and Krysta Rodriguez after a performance of First Date! First AIC show of the 2013-2014 season!

Myself and Krysta Rodriguez after a performance of First Date! First AIC show of the 2013-2014 season!

Hey AIC Readers,

We’ve got some new and exciting things happening at AIC over the next month so I thought I’d fill you in!

Summer stock time is coming to a close! Diane Phelan takes us behind the scenes of one of the mos talked about shows of the season-King and I at Sacramento Music Circus. The series will include the likes of Broadway names including, Telly Leung & Stafford Arima. She’ll answer your questions about working with other talented artists of color, learning a show in less than two weeks, and cooking out of a hotel room!

Check back later this week as costume designer Kara Branch (currently on the costume design team for Soul Doctor) preps you for back to school (and back to audition season) with the hottest styles to get you from history class to dance class, from high-end to the more budget friendly, and always taking into account the many shades amongst artists of color.

Not only will you be looking good on the outside (thanks to Kara), but on the inside too! Pilates Instructor and Health Enthusiast, Emilie Battle ready’s us for those loooong audition days with the busy season just around the corner. She’ll get us eating right and feeling great all on an actor friendly budget!

Lastly, join us on a new August Wilson themed educational series thanks to the Greene Space. From the end of August through the end of September an extraordinary cast of actors and directors — many who worked directly with Wilson — will gather to make the first-ever recording of all ten of August Wilson’s plays in his celebrated 10-play cycle. The cycle captures 100 years of African-American life during each decade of the 20th century. Need to brush up on or want an introduction to the playwright? Join us for our book club, to coincide with the recordings. Ask us your questions about the shows and/or the process and we’ll do our best to answer. Let’s get a discussion started while celebrating this talented playwright who has created an impact on the theatre community as a whole.

Stay tuned for this and much more!  If you like what you read and think it could benefit other artists of color please share any and all of what you find on Arts in Color! Let’s continue to grow this community together and as always thanks for reading!

Much Love,

Shavanna, Editor

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