THROWBACK THURSDAY: 5 Interesting facts about Zorro the Musical

zorroThis week we’re only throwing it back 6 years, but it’s a fun one! Now I know what you may be thinking: “Zorro the musical?” Yes, it exists, although it hasn’t made it to Broadway yet, this musical has graced the stage all over the world ( New York is just slow on the uptake). Zorro is based on the iconic figure that many of you may know from the Antonio Banderas films or the old black and white shows that came on way back when. Based on the fictional biography of the title character, lets take a look at the Stephen Clarke (book and lyrics) and Helen Edmundson musical (book).


The Gipsy Kings (Photo Credit:

1. The music is by the Gipsy Kings

The famous French-Spanish group worked with John
Cameron on the songs for the musical. The Gipsy Kings are known for their pop and flamenco style of music. The group consists of two families: The Reyes and the Baliardo brothers. Several of their fan favorites, including “Djobi Djobi” and “Bamboleo”, can be heard in the musical. There’s new music just for the show, as well!

2. The choreography is flamenco-based

It’s safe to say that seeing flamenco in a musical is a rare thing.  Flamenco is a Spanish folk-dance that is emotionally intense and requires the dancer to have a firm stance. The arms are highly expressive, sometimes while using castanets and the feet are stomped rhythmically.

The Korean production of Zorro  (Photo Credit:

The Korean production of Zorro
(Photo Credit:

3. The show has already played in at least 11 different countries

Zorro  was introduced to audiences in England in 2008 where the show played in Eastbourne, England, before heeding straight to the West End. In the last 6 years, Zorro has performed in Israel, France, Russia, Japan, Korea Bulgaria, Brazil, The Netherlands, the Czech Republic, and the U.S.

4. It’s coming to Broadway!

That’s right! Zorro is scheduled to hit Broadway in 2015.

5. Swashbuckling, of course 

You can’t have Zorro without the epic sword fights, he’s an expert with a blade. There is plenty of sword fighting and action scenes throughout the musical. Since we had boxing this year (Rocky), it only seems right that the next trend should be swordplay.

Matt Rawle, left, and Adam Levy in the musical “Zorro,” at the Garrick Theater. (Photo: Joel Ryan/Associated Press)

Matt Rawle, left, and Adam Levy in the musical “Zorro,” at the Garrick Theater. (Photo: Joel Ryan/Associated Press)


Check out this clip of the West End production from 2008:

What do you think of having a musical about Zorro? Are you familiar with flamenco dancing and/or the Gipsy Kings? Have you read any of the books about Zorro’s character? Share your thoughts in the comments below! 



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