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Pictured: Equiano Mosieri

In Fields Where They Lay gives audiences an up close and personal look into the life of soldiers fighting in WWI, in 1914. The play explores the dynamics of soldiers from different countries and backgrounds, with varying outlooks on life; however all share a common place on the battlefield. It’s a unique and true story, that depicts a significant day in world history, where English and German soldiers cast aside their motives of war for one day, Christmas, in hopes to “sleep in Heavenly peace.”

Equiano Mosieri plays Private Phillip Osbourne, a Jamaican soldier who is serving in a Caucasian platoon. Most military divisions during that time were segregated, however, there were black soldiers, who were sent overseas to serve as laborers. The issue of race is touched upon but is not a focal point throughout the play. The play makes a powerful statement: war, or any other state of chaos, can truly bring people together. It causes people to cling to humanity, despite differences.

In Fields Where They Lay Credit:  Hugh Mackey

In Fields Where They Lay
Pictured: Equiano Mosieri
Credit: Hugh Mackey

Equiano sat down and spoke with us, backstage, before one of his evening performances! He shared wonderful insight into his character and how he prepared for the role, drawing his inspiration from historical references. An actor must create fully realized characters, whether extensive details are  provided in the script or not. Equiano has a beautifully realized character, which reflects in his performance.

Our conversation also explored the deeper meanings within the play and how it is applicable to our world today.

Normally, we ask our interviewees, “What it does it “mean” to be an artist of color?;” however, I decided to ask Equiano, “What is it “like” to be an artist of color?.” His answer reaffirms the reason why websites like Arts in Color exist.

Listen to what Equiano had to say about being an AOC and his experience with In Fields Where they Lay!

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In Fields Where they Lay will be playing at The Ohio Theater until December 27, 2014. Don’t Miss it!

Equiano Mosieri’s Website:!the-now/cjty

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