CASTING: Asian-American Actresses for Short Plays

CastingAA RUNS ON SHORTS is holding an open casting in March 3 Tuesday. It will be held at 36th Street Studios, 260 West 36th Street, 3 FL, ROOM D.

Performance will be at DCTV on May 16. All short plays and films are written, developed, and directed by Asian/Asian-American Artists. Actors must be available on May 16 Saturday from 4pm-11pm. Non equity, no pay.

Adventure (audition time; 5:00PM-5:40PM)
written by Mayumi Lane
directed by Summer Dawn Hortillosa

– Amy, woman in late 20’s or early 30’s, Chinese-American. Pragmatic, logical, strong, grew up in America
– Liam, man in late 20’s or early 30’s, Irish-American. Passionate, ambitious, curious, also grew up in America.


3 Women Waiting (audition time; 5:40PM-6:20PM)
written by Marissa Carpio
directed by Esther Ko

– PERSON A 8-years old, or actress in early 20’s who can play 8-years old. Precocious and wise in her unsophisticated innocence.
– PERSON B 34-years old, or can play 34-years old. Smart, maybe too smart, and overconfident, which of course, masks an insecurity hidden deep down.
– PERSON C 80-years old, or actress in late 20’s/early 30’s who can play 80-years old. Bitter, but still has a sense of humor about life, which comes out as sarcasm.
All characters are Asian-American. Filipino-American, if possible.

If have any questions, send an email to Please bring your headshot and resume. Be prepared to read sides.

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