CASTING: New York Classical Theatre’s “The Taming of the Shrew” EPA

New York Classical Theatre is currently casting for their summer production of The Taming of the Shrew!

Producer: New York Classical Theatre
Director: Sean Hagerty
Playwright: William Shakespeare
Casting: Stephanie Klapper Casting
EPA: Tuesday, March 31st
EPA Location: AEA Building – 165 West 46th Street
EPA Hours: 9:30am – 5:30pm, with a lunch break from 1pm – 2pm 1st

Rehearsal: May 4 (Monday-Thursday 12-9pm; Sat-Sun 12-9pm, 5 ½ hour rehearsals)
1st Preview: May 26
Opening: June 2
Closing: July 12
Contract: AEA Transition Contract; $219 weekly minimum, plus pension and health

Audition Materials:
Please prepare a monologue in verse by Shakespeare or another classical playwright.

Performance Schedule/Locations:
Performs selected nights from 7pm – 9pm in Central Park, Prospect Park & Teardrop Park (in Battery Park City).




CHRISTOPHER SLY (male, late 20s – 40s) — A drunken tinker; lower-class, gullible and self-important. Actor must be a strong physical comedian and improviser. This role will interact with the audience and cast, following the play through the park with the audience as it unfolds.  WE WILL SEE BOTH AEA AND NON-AEA FOR THIS ROLE.

LORD/VINCENTIO/TAILOR (male, early 50s – 60s) Lord: proud, high-class, practical joker. Vincentio: Upper class merchant and father to Lucentio. Tailor: proud and flamboyant artisan. Actor must be capable of high-class snobbery as well as low-status groveling.

PAGE/BIONDELLO/WIDOW (male, late teens – early 20s) — Page: young apprentice forced to dress as a woman for Sly; Biondello: young servant to Lucentio, not too bright; Widow: hard-edged, wealthy, does not suffer fools, marries Hortensio. Actor must be able to play the
opposite gender convincingly as well as comedically.  WE WILL SEE BOTH AEA AND NON-AEA FOR THIS ROLE.

LUCENTIO (male, 20s – early 30s) — suitor to Bianca, disguises himself as a tutor to win her affections. Handsome, earnest, over-passionate lover; a bit immature yet fancies himself an esthete and Casanova; slightly delusional and self-centered, not as bright as his servant Tranio.  WE WILL SEE BOTH AEA AND NON-AEA FOR THIS ROLE.

TRANIO (male, 20s – early 30s) — smart and savvy servant to Lucentio; disguises himself as his master, Lucentio. Enjoys food, drink and having a good time. Good physical comedian.  WE WILL SEE BOTH AEA AND NON-AEA FOR THIS ROLE.

BAPTISTA (male, 50s – 60s) — Successful merchant and widowed father to Katherina and Bianca. Hard-edged and business minded. Affectionate (in his way) with Bianca, cold with Katherina.

KATHERINA (female, late teens – mid 20s) — the ‘Shrew’, daughter to Baptista, strong, self-willed with a wicked sense of humor, she is an outsider in her own home and desirous of affection. Actor must have a strong sensitivity as well as physical and comedic skills. Hand-to-
hand stage combat a plus.  WE WILL SEE BOTH AEA AND NON-AEA FOR THIS ROLE.

BIANCA (female, late teens – early 20s) — daughter to Baptista, the seemingly ‘perfect’ child; beautiful and a tease who knows her own power and is not afraid to use it.  WE WILL SEE BOTH AEA AND NON-AEA FOR THIS ROLE.

HORTENSIO (male, 20s – early 30s) — friend of Petruchio and suitor to Bianca; disguises himself as a music teacher to get close to her. Handsome, honest and reliable if a bit of a foolhardy lover.  WE WILL SEE BOTH AEA AND NON-AEA FOR THIS ROLE.

GREMIO/HABERDASHER/MERCHANT (male, 60s – early 70s) — Gremio: a pantaloon; rich and ancient suitor to Bianca; Haberdasher: nervous and excited, easily crushed; Merchant: hard-working yet gullible, fears for his life and pretends to be Lucentio’s father.

PETRUCHIO (male, mid 20s – early 30s) — the ‘Tamer’; a man in mourning due to the recent loss of his father; a streak of self-destructiveness; strong and obstinate with a wicked sense of
humor. Intelligent with a keen wit, he rarely shows his sensitive side. Must be a strong, sensitive and physical actor with strong comedic and hand-to-hand combat skills.

GRUMIO (male, 20s – 40s) — Petruchio’s much-abused servant. He can seem obtuse but is quite savvy in his way; a wisecracking curmudgeon and a bit of an ‘Eeyore’; must be a strong comic and physical actor.  WE WILL SEE BOTH AEA AND NON-AEA FOR THIS ROLE.

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