Photo Credit: Matthew Dunivan

Shavanna Calder, Editor
Photo Credit: Matthew Dunivan

Welcome to Arts in Color!

Have you ever wished you could access the latest News about artists of color in one place?

Looking to book your next job? Check out the Auditions page with each post specifically calling for minority performers.

Or maybe you’re just in search of some inspiration or knowledge from members of the arts community. Hopefully my People/Interviews page will provide you with just that.

About Me:

I had the idea to start Arts in Color during the summer of 2012. Being a performer, and general arts enthusiast, I found that I was constantly posting news and audition updates that I thought would be especially relevant to fellow artists. After being told by numerous friends that they got their arts info from my posts I thought, ‘I should create a space that could serve as a community for these discussions!’ I also thought of my teenage theater loving self living in a small town far from New York City, and how much that girl would have loved to have a place she could go to learn more about those who inspire her, and the industry she was falling in love with.

The blog consists of original content as well as content from other sites. The idea is simply to pull all of this specific news to be gathered in one location for community discussion and dialogue.

Review Policy & Disclaimer:

While I do accept comp tix, and other gifted items, all reviews or approval of shows etc. are my own thoughts and opinions. If there is company sponsorship involved or if I have been compensated in any way, that will be disclosed in the blog post. I’m always 100% honest and transparent with my feedback of everything I post review of, whether or not the company has sponsored the review.

Thanks so much for reading. If you like what you see please feel free to share!



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