SHOWCASE 2014: Updates from the Class of 2013!

It’s that time of year again…Showcase Season! Last year we had a blast featuring the students of color who were Showcase2013recapcollagegraduating from Acting and Musical Theatre BFA/MFA programs across the country. We covered NYU Steinhardt, Columbia, Michigan, and Tisch MFA. This year we’re doing the same thing (and even expanding our reach), but first we thought we would catch up with some of last years grad’s! Read on to hear about life post Showcase (new gigs, Bway debuts, agents and more).

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SHOWCASE 2013: University of Michigan

It’s as though every time we open a Playbill a mention of U Mich or ‘Go Blue!’ jumps from the page, so it would be a crime if we didn’t include these amazingly talented recent grads in our series! For those who haven’t been reading regularly (::hint, hint:: you should-subscribe via the button on the right!) Arts in Color set a goal of featuring some of the acting students of color who would not only be graduating this year, but also showcasing in New York!  We’ve been fortunate enough to include both NYU Steinhardt and Columbia and next up is…the University of Michigan! Keep reading to get to know some of the stellar artists of color who were just featured in a recent showcase here in NYC.

Need a little intro on what a showcase is? Check out one of our past articles and get into the know!

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