Photo Credit: Dan Chung

Some of the best art experienced; some say the only true art, is that which we have lived. Chinese contemporary artist, Ai Weiwei, active in sculpture, installation, architecture, curating, photography, film, and social, political and cultural criticism, has done so, quite noticeably with his latest work.

Ai Weiwei has become  a polarizing figure in the Chinese art world, greeted with attention and denunciation for his relentless stand against the Communist Party. It’s easy to see how his detention in 2011, held for 81 days in a secret prison guarded by a paramilitary unit, has been described as the most difficult period of his life.

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BEYOND THE STAGE: Whitney Museum of American Art presents “Blues for Smoke”

The Upper East Side’s Whitney Museum of American Art is the current home to exhibit “Blues for Smoke” (until April 28th). Labeled as an exhibit that explores the blues beyond its musical roots, this mixed media experience takes advantage of all senses to illustrate the period of the blues as more than a thing– but a more visceral feeling.

Photo Credit: Matthew Mancini

Photo Credit: Matthew Mancini

From miniature train sets to an adult red playhouse chapel, this exhibit really was a great contemporary art experience. For those who may not be a fan of the musicality of the blues, this exhibit does a good job of illustrating the emotions and sentiments of the blues through other media such as film, sculpture, and paintings.

This exhibit includes the work of Beauford Delaney, Kerry James Marshall and David Hammons.

Check out the Whitney Museum and the exhibit Blues for Smoke showing now until April 28th.