TALKS: Pearl Sun on Long Story Short (Off-Broadway)

Long Story ShortProspect Theater Company’s Long Story Short shares the story of a 50-year long marriage between an Asian-American woman and a Jewish man.

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REBLOG: The Story | Why I’m Tired of Being an (Asian) Actor

We found this story through another Arts in Color reader and just had to share.

via The Story | Why I’m Tired of Being an (Asian) Actor.

Posted on May 19, 2013 by alexiscamins

The Call

So, one day, I got a call for an audition at a Big New York Theater (BNYT).  The character description read:

30s-50s. (actually ageless) The tribal chief of the NaKong of the lost city of Pahatlabong – a very war-like people. Proud of his culture. Very smart and very observant. Truly a fish out of water . . .  he speaks only a few words of English, but picks up on many English customs during the course of the play. MUST BE A GREAT PHYSICAL COMEDIAN.

Okay, great.  A tribal chief.

An indigenous person.

A native.  I could look ‘native’.

Asian, sort of.

Asian, sort of.

“NaKong “ and “Pahatlabong” sound vaguely Pacific.

Pacific Islander?  I’m Filipino.  Check.

This is great.  There are only a handful of actors I know that could go out for this.  For once, I’m happy I don’t look Chinese.  Very few of my East Asian actor friends could look like they were a native from a Pacific island.  This is a GREAT opportunity for me.  The pool just got smaller.

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