TALKS: Interview with Halle Morse & Ito Aghayere of Classical Theatre of Harlem’s Midsummer Night’s Dream

I had a chance to interview two Classical Theatre of Harlem cast members earlier last week and wanted to share them with you! If you want more info on the production, check out my thoughts on CTH’s take on this classic tale of a Midsummer Night’s Dream.  After the interview keep reading to learn more about the careers of these two lovely ladies!

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THOUGHTS: CTH’s Midsummer Night’s Dream

Photo Credit: Classical Theatre of Harlem

Photo Credit: Classical Theatre of Harlem

CTH’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream interlaces the stories of four lovers and a comical troupe of bumbling actors from the human world with those of a fairy kingdom in the supernatural realm. This extraordinary production weaves Harlem’s cultural legacy within Shakespeare’s text. Director Justin Emeka (professor of Oberlin college) invites the audience into an enchanted, concrete jungle where African spirits celebrate the playful and fickle nature of love through music, dance, and magic.’

Reasons to go: Um-its free! The unexpected musical interludes (we won’t give a lot of detail so as to not give this away). Though there are some noticeable standouts-this piece really highlights a wonderfully talented ensemble of performers who bring their own specific choices to everything they do. CTH uniquely & seamlessly blends a work from the ‘classical canon’ with Caribbean, African, Latin, and African-American culture. The end result can be nothing but invaluable to anyone who gets a chance to see it, especially art enthusiasts of color who will have the rare opportunity to see themselves reflected in a Shakespearean play in only a way that CTH knows how!

Who should go: Everyone! This show is great for young, elderly, and anywhere in between. In need of a fun, educational, and free family outing? This is a great bet.


1) There’s no bad seat in the house

2) There’s no intermission so make sure to get everything you need/use the restroom beforehand!

3) If you want to meet the cast after, wait in the audience! All actors exit directly through the front of the stage after the show.

4) Dress light! The auditorium is outside and we have been having some hot/humid weather recently. Thankfully the mosquitoes don’t seem to be out in this area so feel free to wear what you want to survive the heat!

5) Bring some cash. The show is free and a donation at the end is optional but, trust us, you’ll want these kind of productions available to us all in the future, and the only way that will happen is some level of financial support.

Themes: LGBT, Black and Latin Culture, Classics, Romance

Advisory: none

Have you seen the show yet? What did you think? Leave a comment and let us know!

Credits/Show Info: Classical Theatre of Harlem