2013 TONY AWARDS: Top 10 Best Dressed List

Sunday marked the 67th annual Tony Awards and Broadway brought every bit of its spectacle to Radio City Music Hall for all of the world to see! Once a year we get the chance to see our favorite Artists of Color come out of character and into their own! On display last night were so many jaw dropping looks. Here is a look at our Top 10 Best dressed Tony attendee’s!


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Do you agree? Who would you include in the Top 10?


Arts in Color was fortunate enough to get a ticket to Matilda on Tuesday night. I went and all I can say is….RUN (don’t walk) to see this brilliant production. I don’t want to spoil anything, so I won’t indulge too much (sorry to those looking for more detail-just go and see for yourselves)!

Every element of the show came together to tell a brilliant, imaginative, and cohesive story. The choreography was inventive and modern. However, unlike other shows that have attempted to use less ‘traditional’ choreography, none of the movement felt out of place. Choreographer, Peter Darling said that he started to feel that, ‘ the base idea for the whole physicality should be twitching and fidgeting because kids never really stand still.’ The set moved seamlessly in bright prime colors and surprised us (in its use) in various parts of the show. Costumes did not dissapoint either-from the gaudy outfits of the Wormwoods, to the muted school uniforms of the kids at Ms. Trunchbull’s prison ::clears throat:: I mean-school . In fact this was one of the first shows I’d ever seen with set and costume design done by the same person (Rob Howell)! What an amazing undertaking and a job well done.

The cast was great as well, but the standouts were…the KIDS! Honestly, I just kept thinking to myself,” I can’t believe they’re getting all this choreo! Wait-could I get this choreo??” Haha. Seriously, adult and child alike in this production were wonderful.

Personally, I feel grateful to have been able to see this piece of musical theatre. It’s unlike anything I have seen recently sooo…I highly suggest it! I’m thinking this show might do well at the Tony’s (plus it’s already selling at 98% capacity) so if you’re in the city and can afford it, (or can wake up ridiculously early) get your ticket now. You won’t be disappointed. I’m thinking of going back myself! I’d love the chance to see another one of the four Matilda’s give it a try. Why not?!

Getting Tix:

If you are a student, you don’t have to break the bank (though it would be money well spent) as there are rush tickets for $27. Only tip-get there early! One of our gracious Arts in Colors readers braved the early morning hours to get tickets and said that there were people there as early as 6:15am! More details on tickets, theatre location, etc can be found here.

Looking for more info on the show or curious about the artists of color amongst the cast?? Keep readin’ for headshots, bios, and a quick video (including a peek at one of my favorite numbers)!

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