BEYOND THE STAGE: Paris Barclay the newest President of the Directors Guild of America

Paris Barclay

Photo Credit: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images North America

As we continue to support Artists of Color and acknowledge the efforts and vast advancements of those in our community, it is important to remember all parties involved. It’s easy to focus on the faces we see most often. However, equal praise is due to those we rarely get to see! Paris Barclay is one of those faces. Paris is a highly esteemed director and, as of this week, the first African American President of the Directors Guild of America (DGA).

A two time Emmy Award winner, having directed over 130 episodes of television to date, Paris Barclay is sure to have directed at least one of your favorite television shows. Those credits include; but, certainly are not limited to, Law and Order, The Good Wife, Smash, and Glee. He continues to executive produce and is principal director of FX’s highest rated series ever, Sons of Anarchy.

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BEYOND THE STAGE: Lorraine Hansberry Biopic in the Works!


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Lorraine Hansberry has left an inimitable legacy that has changed the world, and shaped the perspective of the greatest artists of every generation that has followed. Remarkably known for A Raisin in the Sun, Hansberry was the first black playwright, and the youngest American, to win a New York Critics’ Award. This play, about a struggling black family in Chicago, was the first play on Broadway produced by an African-American woman opening at the Ethel Barrymore Theatre on March 11, 1959.

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